Petra Wegat Raus Aus Den Klamotten 3

Petra Wegat Raus Aus Den Klamotten 3


Runtime : 1h 32mn \ File Size : 700 MB \ File Format : avi \ Resolution : 576x320 \

Genre: Amateur, Hardcore, Older, Oral Sex, Private Sex, Mature/MILF, Two Girls On One Guy

Language: German

Director: Petra Wegat


Cast: Alice W, Andreas Kl, Dino R, Gabriele B, Iris K, Maria Lo, Marie Malmk, Melissa S, Michael H, Rico Le, Thomas M

Description: Petra Vegat is a rather big expert in settling conflict situations connected with monetary debts. A young woman or a young lady, who owes cash to a representative of the stronger sex, turns to Petra and she organizes a payment of a debt ... in kind. The final calculation happens directly in Petra's office to the absolute satisfaction of all parties.

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